Saturday, May 31, 2014

Spring Soap Crafting Club Part I: Black and White Soap + a Bonus Soap!

     Hey guys! Sorry it has been a while but the last few weeks have been very busy. Tonight won't be a long post so let's just dive right in!

     So I got my first package from the summer Soap crafting club (for more info on the SCC go here), and I was super excited because it came with Bramble Berry's vertical mold! This months soap soap was simply called the back and white soap (for obvious reasons) and was scented with pepperberry (the white side) and a 50/50 blend of cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sugar (black side). Out of the bottle I didn't think I would like it, the pepperberry smells like something during christmas (can't put my finger on it) and the cream cheese frosting and cinnamon sugar blend smelled like a pumpkin spice cake factory exploded and its fumes bottled. But, after I soaped it this soap smells devine! Even my mother, who hates food scents love the smell of this bar, it is spicy and rich and just oh so yummy! I won't really go into the design today because on Monday or Tuesday I will be posting the making video and you can get all the juicy details on this soap!

     I also wanted to share some pictures of a soap I made with my friend a while back as a little bonus soap since this was such a short post!

     We made this super fast so it isn't my best work but I still like it! The black (well grey) portions are scented with warm vanilla from Wholesale Supplies plus and the gold and black mica is from the Conservatorie. The white portion is unscented so the vanilla content won't discolor it and the little black spots are poppy seed, to represent the vanilla seeds.

     Even though it had been about four weeks after cutting when I took these pictures you can see only the tops have discoloured. I was just wondering if y'all have experienced this because my other soaps brown faster and more evenly then this. A side note on this batch is it will also have a video.... a very interesting video, let's just say it is best for me to soap alone :).

Happy soaping and look out for a new series coming next Monday!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Soaping videos!

    Since I was at the beach with good internet I went ahead and uploaded all the videos of soaps I have already blogged about (and maybe one ore two more, but you will have to subscribe to my channel to see;) ). I am going to do the videos from newest to oldest. I will link the videos to their corosponding blog post , which the videos are now a part of the post. Now I won't make you wait any longer so here are the videos!

Surplus Honeysuckle Soap

Hi guys! I am the beach this week and have an old soap I forgot to post to share with y'all. My mom's birthday was in the beginning of April so I made a soap for her 4 weeks early to allow cure (yes I am that late). While I mentioned it I will say the beach is great and I would show you pictures but I left my memory card for the camera at home :(. I will say I haven't been spending much on the beach since I am a red-head and on the first day I got my back totally fried so I am just staying a way from the sun like a little vampire.


  So for my mom's special batch I made a batch with one of her favorite scents, honeysuckle. Living in the south and in the country we have wild plants every where, and if you didn't grow up or live down here you may not know that not only do they smell good but every summer we drink that little drop of nectar in the flower and it reminds my mom of her childhood.  I use surplus honeysuckle from BB which smells so good and a bonus it is also very cheap (around $8.50 for 8 oz)! For colors I wanted it to looks like the honeysuckle flowers on the bush so I used green as the base and for the 'flowers' I used three different colors, the off-white and yellow are different shades that the wild (and tasty) flowers  come in, and the red (which was supposed lighter) represents a decretive honeysuckle plant in our garden.

    I used a new technique I thought of, I guess you may consider it kind of a drop swirl?? You can see how I do it in my video (yes I can upload videos at the beach house!), but I will tell you here a brief description of what I did.  So I split off a third of the soap maybe and divided it among three squeeze bottles with and mixed the three flower colors into them and then colored the left over 2/3 soap batter green. I poured the green about a quarter of the way up the mold and then squirted the three colors in an up and motion with three or four passes of each color, and then repeated this method around three more times or until the mold is full. Then on the top T squirted the left over soap in the squirt bottles on top and swirled with a chop stick! I like how this method turned out but I may try it again with a very slow FO because while surplus honeysuckle isn't like really fast it still set up enough so the the accent colors didn't penetrate the green as much as I wanted it to so it left the colors in lines and not distributed throughout the whole bar.

     Here is the making video so you have a better idea of how I did it

Friday, May 2, 2014

Summer Showers, CP+MP

     The past few days have have been rainy here in Viginia meaning lots of indoor (therefore soap) time and a bonus it inspired me to make my latest soap!

     Since the FO I used was flowering herb, which soaped like a dream btw, I did my base as a green with a touch of coral as a plants with coral representing the flowers. I am really proud of myself for my raindrops. They are made with clear melt and pour soap (tinted with blue mica) and I poured them in my heart silicone mini column mold and then cut my hearts in half to make the tear drop shape!

     Look! you can see through the rain drops (it needed help for the camera though)!!!!!! Is it sad how much this excited(and still does excite) me?

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

*video added on 5/4/14*

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