Monday, November 10, 2014

Floral Frenzy

     I know it may be getting cold out, but some nice florally scents never go out of season. These are my last two non-Christmas or seasonal soaps. This of course means that means several holiday themed posts are coming!!

     My first floral soap is a Baby Rose scented soap. It is a pretty basic design because most florals move fairly fast. I have soaped this scent before and it did just that! Well of course it soaped great this time around but still it was nice to go back to basics. Now that I had a short ramble on the inconsistency some fragrances we can get back to the actual soap. The light pink curls were shavings of my old rose soap batch. The toppings were my favorite part, originally I was just going to do the rose petals but I had just gotten the sugar pearls and it looks amazing!

     The second floraltasic scent is a classic, lavender (essential oil). I am so proud of this one because it is my first successful drop swirl! I know the drop swirl isn't the most difficult technique but I tend to believe that this technique suits fast moving scents:(. But this time it worked and I think it looks great! What do y'all think?

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

and heres a close up of next weeks soap, can you guess the scent?

Monday, November 3, 2014

S.O.A.P Panel Results part II

 Hi again! Today will be the second half of the S.O.A.P panel results. I used the same set up for this as I dies with the last group, the post is here (and the initial S.O.A.P post here).

Mystery Fragrance #5
Trace speed- slow to average tracing speed
Color of Bar- a light beige
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of oil.
Summery- Its a very nice manly scent. It reminds me of the forest floor, it has a mix of green notes with maybe some some musky notes. I also think it may have a touch of damp dirt notes.

Mystery Fragrance #6
Trace speed- Average trace speed.
Color of Bar- light brown, maybe one or two shades darker then mystery fragrance #5
Post Soaping Scent Fade-stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of soap.
Summery- Also a very manly scent, similar to mystery fragrance #5. It is a bit sweeter than #5 tho, and it has more spicy notes. 

Mystery Fragrance #7
Trace speed-Average trace speed. it may have gotten a little ricey towards the end.
Color of Bar- off white, with a tinge of yellow
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of soap.
Summery- This is a very sweet fragrance. A sweet fruit type scene, not a sweet vanilla type scent. It reminds me kind of a strawberry baby bottle pop, but with a bit of added tartness maybe.

Mystery Fragrance #8
Trace speed- slow trace speed
Color of Bar-a light ivory
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed very well at 1/2 oz per pound of soap
Summery- Grapefruit. I am 98% sure it is grapefruit is is AH-MA-ZING. It is tart yet sweet and is it possible for a soap to smell juicy -cause this soap does! it is lake sticking your nose in a ripe grapefruit! (now that I say all of this the scent will be something totally different than grapefruit...)

Final rating for second half
1.   Mystery fragrance #8
2.   Mystery fragrance #7
3.   Mystery fragrance #6
4.   Mystery fragrance #5

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

S.O.A.P panel results part I

       Hey y'all! I just realized i haven't blogged in over a month (Yikes!).  If you have followed my blog long enough you know I was homeschooled for migraines for a year and a half and this is my first year back at a "normal" school. We started late August and it has been a bumpy ride. I have been at school but I also have stayed home with awful migraines at least once a week, but averaging 2 days missing. So as a result I have spent every waking hour doing home work, in bed sleeping off a headache, and/or making up missed school work. Long story short I am so sorry I haven't blogged in a while, and I missed y'all so much! On to what you all are here for, my test results for the SOAP panel scents! (HERE is my first impression post)
      I will start us off with the recipe I used for each test, all the variables are identical except for the fragrance oil and the mica swirl on top (which corresponds to the fragrance use).

     All the bars are gelled but the little pumpkins are not gelled, Sadly not all of my tests got a pumpkin (don't ask what happened to them, even I am not sure where the went) also all the batches had .5 oz of the sample fragrance added into it, with nothing else but lye, water and oils.
  Mystery Fragrance #1

Trace Speed- Slow to average, very easy to work with.

Color of Bar- Tan to light brown.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- It is a defiantly a sweet, vanilla, bakery type scent. In the soap it developed more and into a snickerdoodle-y scent.

Mystery Fragrance #2

Trace Speed- Average, easy to work with.

Color of Bar- a light beige

Post Soaping Scent Fading- Stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- It still rings Christmas forest to me. Not as christmas tree like as it was out of the bottle but just a nice pine forest, maybe with a touch of sugar.


Mystery Fragrance #3

Trace Speed- Average, again easy to work with.

Color of Bar-  a very, very light yellow.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- I still think is ylang ylang, it has lost some of its herbal-iness and the floral notes are more upfront.

Mystery Fragrance #4

Trace Speed- Slow to average, very easy to work with.

Color of Bar- tan to light brown,just a tinge darker than mystery fragrance #1.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- This is a very sweet, fruity type fragrance. It has mellowed out in to a b=much more pleasant scent than it was out of the bottle. I would guess it is a cherry candy inspired fragrance.

Final rating for the first four fragrances

1.   Mystery Fragrance #2
2.   Mystery Fragrance #3
3.   Mystery Fragrance #1
4.   Mystery Fragrance #4

     Tomorrow I will post the second set of data and the final ratings. Can you I really am trying to make up for my absence? Three posts in two days and hopefully a post at least once a week from here on out as long as I'm not making up 50 different assignments! Then coming this week the Soap Queen blog should have a post combining pertaining to the SOAP panel! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

S.O.A.P Mystery Fragrance No. 1

   Hi guys! I finally made my first test batch a few days ago and now that has discolored some I thought I should share my results y'all. By no means has the soap reached its final color, I will do another post when I am done with all the scent and they have cured, Any way now on to the fun part! I will be testing all the fragrances the same way, short, sweet and to the point. Today I am doing mystery fragrance #1 and to refresh your memory here were my initial thoughts "It is a very sweet bakery type scent, I get a hint of vanilla. Maybe its a vanilla cake type scent?"

The color of the fragrance oil is, as you can see, a light golden color. I originally assumed it would change the batter color yellow. I used it it at .5 onces per pound of soap, and you will see how it turned out in a second.

     For all the test batches I am using the same recipe. To make the process go faster I am using Bramble Berry's basic quick mix oils. I am doing a simple one pound batch (I think I will put the recipe in my final round up post). This fragrance soaped wonderfully! It did not speed up but it did turn the soap a nice pink!

the soaps color in the pot

    I put most of the soap into my one pound silicone loaf mold and did a color coordinated mica-oil swirl (Black= mystery fragrance #1) and wrapped it up to gel. The last little bit I put into a seasonal pumpkin mold and set it aside to see how the fragrance acted in non-gelled soaps.

In the mold right after pour

     Two days after the cutting and I am now ready to judge the scent and share with you what I think of the scent now that is is in the soap! I still get the sweetness and a now thinking it is a butter cream frosting type scent, with maybe an under note of a really light spice? *update* I now am thinking it is snicker doodle! Like all the scents it smells so familiar it is just so hard to figure out what it reminds you of, I just thought of another thing it could be, a cake maybe? I don't know but I like it more now that it is soaped but still it is a food/bakery scent (the one thing I am 100% sure it is) and they aren't my favorite scent family so it still isn't my favorite.  Soaping wise and for other people I am sure It is great!

bars are gelled pumpkin is not gelled

     These are only three days out so I am sure they will discolor more but I will keep you updated, probably after they are all cured and I round them up!

Thanks for stopping by happy soaping!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

S.O.A.P Fragrances First Impressions

     This morning to my surprise I got my S.O.A.P Panel mystery fragrances in today! It was wrapped in yellow tissue paper with the S.O.A.P logo. The package was completed with a Soap Queen notepad that excited me a little to much. For my first installment of my SOAP series I am just giving y'all my first impression and my which are my favorite by ranking them from 1-8 1 being my favorite and 8 being my least favorite. I will try to feature a post on each scent as they are made and a cumulative post at the end with all my findings. Sadly I have to wait for my lye and oils to come in before I start but as soon as they are here I will start soaping! 

  • Mystery Fragrance #1- It is a very sweet bakery type scent, I get a hint of vanilla. Maybe its a vanilla cake type scent? Ranking-8
  • Mystery Fragrance #2- Christmas. That was the first thing I thought when I opened it. This smells like a christmas tree yard it is one of my favorite FOs of this batch. Ranking-2
  • Mystery Fragrance #3-This is a fairly heavy floral I am thinking ylang ylang with some other underlying floral/herbal notes. Ranking-3
  • Mystery Fragrance #4- It smells like a tart candy. I think it smells like chewy sweetarts or maybe a cherry or strawberry laffy taffies. Ranking-6
  • Mystery Fragrance #5- It smell reminiscent of a forest floor. It has some green musky and maybe some earthy spices. To finish it off it may have some dewy, moist soil. Ranking-5
  • Mystery Fragrance #6- Very manly. It is similar to #5, but less sweet (even though 5 wasn't sweet). The main note is SO familiar but I cannot place it! Maybe it is similar to tobacco and bay leaf, but what ever it is I like it. Ranking-4
  • Mystery Fragrance #7- This also has a candy type smell to it. It reminds me of a strawberry baby bottle pop, remember those things?  it has been ages since I had one but this scent just made me think of them. Ranking-7
  • Mystery Fragrance #8- My favorite scent! I am 90% sure it is grapefruit an its amazing 'nuff said. Ranking-1
Thanks for stopping by and look out for my testing, it should start this coming week!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

I'm a S.O.A.P panelist!!

 I was chosen! I am so excited and I can't wait to get the FOs!!! I am so honored and my fellow panelists look super talented and great. I should be getting my package in the mail by the 16th and will share my first impression as soon as I get it. Finally I am open to any suggestions on how to test them I already have a good idea on how I will do so but any ideas would help me 1,000,000%! here in the link to my original post on the S.O.A.P panel and the SoapQueen post with the links to the 7 other panelists.

Thanks for reading and happy soaping!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Wine Soap- Spring Soap Crafting Club Part III

     Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't Posted in a while but I just finished my second week of school and to say it has been a big adjustment would be an understatement. And yes I am very behind with the soap crafting club, I already have two unmade summer SCC in my soaping room but I just signed up for new designs not for the private message board thing.

     The last installment of the Soap Crafting Club was a wine twist soap. It was scented with wine berry fragrance which was a bit sweet for me and sped up a little bit but besides the it all went according to plan. I used some old, past its prime red wine made by my grandfather (love him but the wine is usually not good... at all) so no fine wine was killed in the process. Before mixing the lye with  the wine I boiled it down then froze it in a plastic bag and then crushed it up into manageable chunks.

    The design itself was pretty basic, in the vertical loaf mold (with divider in) I poured the red on one side and white, well more of a beige, on the other side. Then before I took the divider out I twirled it 180 ̊ and pulled it out. My only issue was my batter got thick a bit to fast so the swirl wasn't as crisp as I wanted.

     As you can see I got glycerin rivers all though out and the circles aren't centered but besides that I like the results and will try this technique again!

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!!

...and happy birthday to my little Bee, who has had more than her share of experiences in her first year

Friday, August 22, 2014

Hoping for the S.O.A.P panel!

     Hey guys! After soaping for around 2 years now (and have been researching even longer) I have finally decided to try to join Bramble Berry's S.O.A.P panel! If you don't know what the S.O.A.P panel is, it is when Bramble Berry chooses a few lucky soapers to send out new mystery fragrances to do a test! I have wanted to do this for years but have never thought I was ready until now!

Favorite Bramble Berry Product
     My favorite Bramble Berry product is probably my wooden molds, with their silicone liners! the silicone liners is what really is amazing, it used to be that my soaps never had nice sharp corners with the freezer paper but now with the liners my bars always turn out perfectly. I also love all their fragrances! I have only ever had one of their FOs seize on me (see here) which was during the winter soap crafting club. After that mess (literally and figuratively) they ended up giving us a gift card to replace the cost of that batch, which reminds me their customer service is AMAZING! To finish my rambling I will say that all of Bramble Berry's products are my favorite it is just so hard to choose, I just wish I could buy every thing! Now that I think about it the soap crafting club has to be one of the best products I have gotten from BB, it has taught me so many new thing and let me try new FOs that I never would of picked but ended up being some of my faves (wasabi anyone?)
just to recap my faves are (in no particular order)-

  1. Wooden molds with their silicone liners
  2. All their fragrances, such as wasabi
  3. soap crafting club
  4. and last but not least EVERYTHING THEY HAVE EVER SOLD!!!

Why I Should be Chosen for the S.O.A.P Panel 
        I know there are tons of other very talented soaper trying to get on this panel as well so I won't say I am the most amazing soaper ever 'cause I'm not but, I do have two years of soaping under my belt, and almost all I have learned is from the soap queen herself. I have been a loyal BB customer since I started soaping, I bought all of my supplies to start soaping from them and even to the is day I swear by their products(they are the best quality around). I am also not scared to try new things, including new scents and I would love to test out these scents, and after seeing a lot of people blog about their testing I am fairly confidant on how to test these scents the best possible way. I also think being a younger soaper (15 years old and 13 when I first made CP), makes me a bit different and have  a scent palette (is that how you say that??) then some others. Finally this would just be a fun, great, new experience for me and I would be so so honored if I were picked for the S.O.A.P aka the Soap Opinion Awesome Panel!

Some of my favorite soaps made with BB products (for more post featuring Bramble Berry check here)

scented with dragon's blood cybilla

from this spring's soap crafting club
scented with cranberry fig, a fave of mine
one of my two well used 2 lb loaf molds

scented with honeysuckle surplus (my mothers favorite she may die if it gets discontinued) 

Thanks for stopping by (and thanks for considering me) and happy soaping!

PS and trust me I have a post for you soon just with getting ready to go back to school and I haven't edited my pictures yet, but its coming!
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