Monday, July 28, 2014

Man Soap Monday: Dragons Blood Soap

     So for this addition of MSM I again made soap for my grandfather (my father just has to use our girly soaps). This is actually a remake since I loved the first soap so much I did it again, but with a new and improved design. This design was my first attempt at the June soap challenge club but as you can see it sped up so the hanger didn't give as fluid of a swirl as I would have liked.

     For my new design I added a touch of red, and did a hanger swirl. For some reason I decided to replace my usual shea butter with cocoa butter so my recipe went way faster then usual. So for colors I used black and natural for the scented portion, and red with the unscented since with the high vanillin content would turn my pretty blood red a muddy brownish red. I also did some gold mica lines, which I LOVE in any soap it will fit in design-wise.

     I won't go into super detail because guess what? I actually have the video all prepared at the time of posting! Just don't get to used to it......

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!


  1. Very cool design and a great use of colours. It almost looks like a slice of the Earth with the red looking like lava. Great job!

  2. Thanks! I didn't think of it that way, I now like it even better!

  3. What an interesting design! Your soap looks great, Anna Rose!

  4. Beautiful soap, Anna! The colors fit the fragrance perfectly. I love Dragon's Blood FO!


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