Friday, September 20, 2013

Beer Soap Part II- Fragrance Blend

I have been planning a beer soap for my dad for a while now and when I found a craft beer (see here) and I got an idea. So I ordered some anise and lemongrass EO(they are the 2 special ingredients in the beer) from BB and then came the task of figuring out the ratios of the blend in which the problem lies... none of my blends are working out and the best one my dad hates sooo... have any of you done good blends with either lemongrass or anise?? (if they had both they would be amazing!) and here are my blends so far

  • 1:1 lemongrass to anise(this is the best so far) 
  • 1:2 lemongrass to anise
  • 1:1:1 lemongrass to anise to WSP's fresh vanilla
  • 2:3:1 lemongrass to anise to WSP's fresh vanilla
 I think I will do the 1st blend and will make the soap most likely this coming week.

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Beer soap Prep

     August apparently was Craft beer month in Virginia and at the local grocery store I saw a lemongrass and anise beer! Can you imagine this scented with lemongrass and anise essential oils (well first I will need to see how they blend). First problem can when I realized I did not own either of these EOs so before I make this soap so now I need to order them :(. I was getting impatient so I decided to go ahead and boil the alcohol out and since it was a 25oz bottle and my recipe calls for only 12oz of liquid I decied to concentrate it and boil half off. Well then lunch came and went (we ate antelope stroganoff, a whole other story) and I was 90% sure I turned off the stove.... I didn't and this is what I ended up with

     Instead of being reduced in half it was reduced by about a 23rd of its original size, so I guess this will be deduced from my water amount and I will add it at trace. All I can say is at least it didn't burn

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

p.s. I will update you on the beer soap!!!!!
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