Monday, May 23, 2016

Lime Soap

      Citrus scented soaps are always a favorite of mine but for some reason I rarely make them. The last one I did was last year and it was a citrus floral blend. So the other day I made lime scented soap. 

     I used Bramble Berry's lime fragrance oil instead of the essential oil. Citrus essentials are known to fade and can cause photosensitivity. 

     To make the soap I ended up using two shades of green separated by mica covered embeds. I finished the batch off with a textured top and green glitter.

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!
                                                                ~Anna Rose

Friday, May 20, 2016

Floral Soap Spree

     Lately I have been making quite a few soaps and the past couple have had a common theme, floral scents. The first is a repeat, baby rose (1&2) and the second one is a new one, orange blossom. 

Rose soaps are always popular I decided to make a new batch with rose embeds on top. So I got some really cool small silicone rose molds on Amazon and went to soaping.

    This batch was made using Bramble Berry's baby rose fragrance oil, which behaves amazingly well for a floral. The rose embeds are made of melt & pour soap, which as you can see melted a bit but all and all I think they turned out really well. 

     The second floral batch I made was the orange blossom, which so far is a favorite. For this batch I used Wholesale Supplies Plus's orange blossom fragrance oil. I tried to bit of a spoon swirl which didn't work out to well but it still looks pretty good. I finished the bars with pearl sprinkles on top.

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