Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snowy South

     As you may have heard the east coast has been very snowy lately and of course as a soaper it gave me some inspiration. Just like my first ever batch of cold process it is made with snow, making me realize that my one-year soaping anniversary is just around the corner!!!!!! 
     This batch is scented with wholesale supplies plus's fresh snow (I wonder why?). I colored it with micas, and oxides which for the life of me I cannot remember the blends (which is why it is important to take notes!). As I said in a previous post Soaping up a Winter Wonderland this FO moves fast! I was going to do a drop swirl with the white to look like snow but it was already the consistency of a thick pudding and even plopping it in from a foot above it would not go down. I quickly pulled out my hanger to try to mix the white in a bit more and the rest is history...

Finally which version of Fresh Snow do you like best? Pin or comment your fave version.

Thanks for stoping by and watch out for a Karma dupe soap coming soon!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Happy Late New Year!!!

Happy New Year and I am so sorry I haven’t posted in a while. You know how it is during the holiday season! Life at my house has had a few issues that didn't help either, half of the puppies finally left mid November to be show dogs leaving us with three pet quality poodles to sell! Then Bee (the runt of the litter who stayed with us) was diagnosed with a condition similar to spina bifida, which caused her to be incontinent. One option was of course putting her down but since she was such a fighter (can drop and pin down her brother who is 5-10 lbs bigger than her), we decided to opt for surgery to fix it. That was a month ago we she is now officially an Iverson dog since no one else wants a broken puppy. Since Bees surgery we have sold one of her brothers, who is now called Camden and the other, Moby, has gone to live with my sister. 

The sleeping Bee

Now onto soap! I have only gotten around to making one batch this holiday season and they are for my brother who LOVES every thing space. And when I saw a pin of a planetary themed soap I knew I had to make it. I now present to you my planet soap!!

P.S. sorry these aren’t the most beautiful, three of prettiest ones met an unfortunate fate…

It is scented with Brambleberry’s Crisp Anjou Pear at .75oz PPO. To be honest Crisp Anjou Pear is not my favorite I only got it because BB sent me it instead of Crisp apple rose (which they kindly sent me the 4oz bottle of free of charge) they let me keep Crisp Anjou Pear as a gift for their mistake. The balls are made with BB’s silicone ball molds in medium and large, and are also scented with Crisp Anjou Pear. Sadly I forgot to note what colors I used but I can tell you that the black is black oxide .

Have a happy New Year and thanks for stopping by!!!!!!!
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