Monday, June 13, 2016

Man Soap Monday: Dragons Blood 2.0

      Hi y'all! I am finally starting back up my Man Soap Monday and my first featured soap is Dragons Blood. This scent is a fairly popular scent for men. Dragons blood a real thing, its a resin used in eastern medicine, but the scent is more of in inspiration and comes from different sources. I use Bramble Berry's dragons blood FO which consists of notes of amber, incense, vanilla, patchouli lightened with layers of rose, jasmine & lilac, and topped off with brightening notes of blood orange and grapefruit.

     I have made soap with this fragrance before (which you can find here and here) but this batch is probably my favorite. It is colored with black mica and brown oxide in the brown section and red mica in the dropped section. Looking at the vanilla content and having past experience with this FO I knew it discolors a dark brown. In order to preserve the red color in the swirl the red section was not scented. The brown portion I colored very lightly because I knew i didn't need to color it to dark because the FO would do it for me.... for free!!

     The drops in the bars were not as flowy as usual but I think it turned out looking very bold, and I deem this Man Soap Monday a success!

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!
~Anna Rose

Friday, June 10, 2016

Abalone & Sea Soap

     Lately it has been mentioned to me that my latest soaps have all been fairly feminine. I have decided to fix this by focusing more on unisex and masculine scents (Look out for the revival of the Man soap Monday series). The first of these was the lime soap and next up is this one, Abalone & Sea.

     This batch is scented with Wholesale Supplies Plus FO of the same name. The FO is described on the site as "A fresh ocean scent with notes of daylily, sea spray, watery florals and musk". It soaps great and does not speed trace at all.

   The design I was trying to achieve was to make the bars look like they were the waters of a sea. The colors I used were five shades of blue blends plus white. The blues hues were achieved by blends of various shades of green, blue, black, orange, and white micas. (I will also add that this soap made me realized some of my blue micas are pretty much the same shade and I have a problem with buying too much micas).

    The tops of this batch were not as textures as I wanted but but I think the glitter mix made up for it. I used three different glitters of different colors blue, turquoise, green, and now that i think i may have also added iridescent glitter too.

    Thank you for stopping by and happy soaping!
~Anna Rose

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