Thursday, July 18, 2013

soap pictures!!

Hey guys! Sorry that I haven't posted any stuff yet I have had a hectic schedule and haven't been soaping but now here are some of 
my latest creations!

     This is BB's Tomato Leaf not a big fan of this kind of scent in general but it was my moms one request but when I got it and smelt it I really liked it. It is herbaceous with a hint of what I think is floral but according to my mother it does not smell like a real tomato plant. (update 9/3/13 after a 5 week cure it has gotten that realistic tomato leaf scent to it.) My inspiration came from (I think) Nearly Natural Living if you look really close you might see a gold mica pencil line seperating the red and green on top i swirled some left over red batter and gold mica.

     This is my first attempt of the matra swirl with BB's dragons blood cybilla. This FO smells sooo good it is sweet but still very masculine but, it is a discoloring FO this pic was taken a day after it was cut so it is still turning darker I will do an update pic on this one though. the brown side is the uncolored soap and the other side is some black oxide and on top I did a stripe or uncolored and unscented soap to swirl.

     Finally there is my Buckroe Beach soap made with ocean water and sand (in the tan section) also it has a little M&P wine bottle to top it off! this is scented with WSP's yuzu (I got for free!!!!). Everyone loves this scent it is just bright and citrusy and just screams summer. The blue water section did thicken up on me and you can see air bubbles and the top looks a bit rough but oh well it is a pretty soap any way.

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

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  1. The soaps all turned out great, I can almost smell the Tomato Leaf one! I love the dark colors of the Dragons Blood, and the little wine bottles in your beach soap are so cute. The little lady bug stamp is adorable too!


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