Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby Rose Soap

  As Anna ROSE I love any thing rose related and that includes the scent! I have already made one rose soap (english tea rose from WSP) but I couldn't resist trying another rose fragrance. This time I used Bramble Berry's baby rose FO. I have been planning this soap for a while in fact I made the curls months ago. On one of the warm days the spring-like weather got me finally  making the batch.

    BB's baby rose has a sweeter smell then WSP's engish tea rose and it is also younger in fact Bramble Berry describes this FO as "... a lighter, pinker rose than our English Rose. It smells like the petite baby roses that come in teensy little planters small enough to fit on your desk. Think of a hip, corporate 27 year olds perfume smell rather than a cloying old-fashioned rose and you'll be right on target for this fragrance...."  Now I couldn't tell you which I like better because it depends on the day, english tea rose when I feeling more classic and baby rose when I feel more fun. I used .75 PPO  (per pound of oil) of baby rose and it is holding up great so far!

   The design is simple in consideration of the floral fragrance, which they said accelerated a bit. I was actually going to do this in a loaf mold only to decide on the slab mold as the lye was cooling (a typical Anna Rose). I made the rose buds by shaving off the side of my previous rose soap and rolled together multiple shavings to get a fuller rose. I also tried to do a mica-glycerin swirl on top. The  most important aspect of the design is of course the colors, I used micas both from the Conservatorie (my new fav place to buy micas). Below are pictures of mixed colors and the amounts that I used them.

  1. Sea Foam Green Mica- 1/8 tsp
  2. Hot Pink Mica- 1/4 tsp 

                                                                                                                                      Before the cut pictures I also wanted to show you a picture of the soap mid-gel, this gives a very good example of what gel looks like in cold process soap.
   Now here is hhe picture of the cut Baby Rose soap. My end notes are that while it is possible to do 2 colors with this soap I suggest a one color. Even with the acceleration I will buy the fragrance again since it is such a bright rose compared to all the rose scents I have smelled.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy soaping!!!


  1. That's beautiful Anna Rose! I really like BB's baby rose FO as well, although in a way it's a little too grown up for me. ;)

    Your curls do look like roses, did you do anything to make them look so realistic?

  2. Thank you! I probably would think rose is a bit to grown up for me too if my name did't have rose in it! as for the the roses I just shaved old soaps and cured multiple shaving together.

  3. Beautiful, Anna! Your little rose soap curls are precious, and rose FO is a favorite. I remember when I was a kid my mom had a tea rose perfume and I loved how it smelled. I haven't tried BB's Baby Rose yet - it sounds nice!

    1. Thank you! you should try BB's baby rose it is amazing

  4. Rosie, Thanks for sharing so much of your process and product with me today when we got together. I think what you are doing with soaps is fantastic and so very creative. Keep up the passion!


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