Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Soap Design Planning, with PDF

     Today I will show you how I plan my soap designs and a PDF for helping you plan your future soaps!

   Ever since I started soaping I have been trying to perfect my soap planning. At first I just had a vision in my head then went straight to soaping it, I soon realized that that is not a good idea.... Since then I have tried many methods, although they all worked the took up time with cutting, drawing (straight line and I are not friends), and other inconvinces. Finally I found the best method for me, a good old fashioned computer drawn bar, all I have to do is print, color in the design, write the FO and design name, and some times on the back how I plan on doing it (I only do that on difficult designs).

   First I will show you a little example of how I use it print off (plus a little preview of a soon to come soap). Then you will get the PDF that you can print off and use your self!

Sorry about the cluckiness But to can see my example above, and now here in the PDF of the blank version of the image above for you to print out to help you design your next soap!

For YOUR OWN soap design PDF click on this link! and press the print button on the top left of the screen to print out as many copies as you need.

     How do you plan out your soaps? Please share them in the comment box below, and...
Thanks for stopping by and happy soap planning!


  1. Wow! You're so organized and thorough! I'm a spontaneous soaper most of the time, but even when I have an image in my mind, I never thought to put it on paper. Sometimes my spontaneity is a plus, other times...not so much. However, I always record my recipe, superfat, additives, etc. in a spiral notebook.

    1. Now what you're good at is my down fall... The first time I soap an FO I do notes on how it acted on little index cards that get files away and I write other note on the back of my design plan (which some time I end up not following any way), other than that I always do my go to recipe and write the amoint of colorants I do on the sheet, its the only way I can be some what organized...

  2. You know, I tried to do this once, but wasn't very successful...your design method is MUCH better. It is great for people who are very visual. Thanks so much for sharing this with us! :)


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