Sunday, March 2, 2014

Viva La Juicy Drop Swirl

     The first perfume I ever got was on my first trip to New York City, we were at Bloomingdales and my grandmother bought me a bottle of Viva La Juicy that I was drooling over. So on my last FO buying spree at Wholesale Supplies Plus (15% off, who could resist?!?) I was pleasantly surprised to see a Viva La Juicy dupe! When I got my box in the mail this was the first bottle to sniff, along side the real thing of course... They smelt 95% identical!!! Obviously this was the first of that order to soap!

Viva La Juicy in the bottle
      After much thought I decided I would do a drop swirl with a twist. My colors were inspired by the perfume bottle, gold for the insignia, hot pink for the bow, and beige for the actual color of perfume. The twist was two mica veins, pink and gold, that I planned for the drop swirl to break through (it didn't). While it didn't work this time due to the batter being to thick I think I will try it again.

1.            1/4 tsp pink rainbow mica + 1/8 tsp tutti frutti neon pink
2.            1/2 tsp merlot gold mica
3.            1/4 tsp oriental beige
4.            1/2 tsp titanium dioxide

     Before the cut pics I present to you my first ever YouTube video!!! I still have some improvement on my video making skills AND need to say the right things (if you watch it you will notice I said in the pot swirl and not drop swirl on many an occasion)

    Finally I give to you the cut pictures of the Viva La Juicy drop swirl! It is not how I imagined but I will try again.

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!


  1. Very pretty! I love the beautiful pink color against the gold :)

    1. I forgot to mention that the video turned out really nice too! :)

    2. Thank you! I was a bit worried about how it turned out, but I think it went well.

  2. I love this soap Anna, I can almost visualize how pretty it smells just from how it looks...great job! :)

    1. Thank you! and trust me it smells as good (if not better) than it looks


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