Monday, February 24, 2014

Blackberry Sage Funnel Pour: Winter Soap Crafting Club Part I

      If you are a frequent visiter to my blog you might remember I participated in the Fall Soap Crafting Club(if you haven't you can see the posts here and here). I loved it! for the full down low on the club go to this post, but there are a few differences in this session then the last one 1. instead of the 2 pound wooden mold (with silicone liner) we received Bramble Berry's 5 lb sliding bottom wood mold (also with silicone liner), and 2. instead of being sent lye flakes and mixing the solution yourself, they sent us the pre-measured, premixed lye solution.

     January's soap was the Funnel pour method (page 79) in Soap Crafting. This was two firsts for me, my first 5lb batch and my first funnel pour! It is scented in Blackberry berry sage, which is amazing by the way, it has a fruity top note with a base note of sage that really anchors the fragrance. Its colors are grey, purple, green, brown and pink.
    After reaching a thin trace I seperating the unscented batter into 5 equal containers (2 cups each) I scented each container with .8 oz each of FO and colored with the following.

  1. 1/4 tsp brown oxide + 1tsp titanium dioxide (mixed with 2 tsp sweet almond oil)
  2. 1/8 tsp black Luster mica +1 tsp titanium dioxide (mixed with 2 tsp sweet almond oil)
  3. 4 mL diluted Fuchsia LabColor
  4. 6 mL diluted Easter Purple LabColor
  5. 8 mL diluted Sage Mist LabColor
     Then after deciding the color order (I choose grey, purple, green, brown, then pink) you are going to pour each color (for 3-5 seconds each) into the funnel that is set up in the center of the mold, held in place by either a disposable cup or bowl with a hole cut in it. After pour alternating colors, until all the soap is gone, I swirled the top with a wooden skewer.

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!!!



  1. Beautiful, Anna! I love how the funnel pour looks - it's such a fun technique.

    1. It really is! I cut them two different ways and it cool how different they look!

  2. Such a cool looking soap Anna! Love the colours you chose they go so well with each other.

    1. I loved the colors too, they were the colorants from Soap Crafting. Not what I would have put together yet i LOVE the combo!


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