Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ombre soap

For the October Soap Crafting Club we made the LabColor ombre soap from Ann-Marie’s Soap Crafting book (I suggest you get it because it is AMAZING full color and pretty designs with simple instructions). This recipe was a complex design with nine layers layer so be aware that you should use a tried and true slow moving fragrance/ Essential oil (I used Bramble Berry’s cranberry fig which I love).

I would also like to add that while trying to get the colorant amounts just right I forgot to split of the 12 oz for the purple layers so when you make this your top layers would bee a nice pink not my purplie pink.

**** A side note for all the soapers and soon to be soapers I really suggest signing up for the winter Soap Crafting Club. Once a month you receive all the ingredients (including colorants and FO/EOs) for one recipe in the Soap Crafting book, and on the first month you get a new nice wood mold with its silicone liner (if it has one)!! All you have to supply are bowls, a stick blender, utensils and lye. Going off into another direction I forgot to mention the oils come premixed! It saves more time than you think all you have to do is throw the bag in the microwave, then pour it into a bowl to mix the lye in!!!(Could you tell I am excited about this??)

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!!

I was not paid to review the Soap Crafting Club or the book these are my personal opinions on the products.

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