Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Yuzu Salt Soap


     A few weeks back I made my first ever salt bar! Salt bars are soaps that have a large amount of salt in them- any thing from 50 to 100% of the oils. Salt bars also have a high amount of coconut oil, because it is the only oil that will produce a bar that lathers in salt water. This leads into the difference between the bar and your average soap, coconut oil on its own is VERY drying so instead of the usual 5-7% superfat we  superfat at 20%. So not only is this a salt bar it is a break the rules soap.

1) Single oil soaps do not perform as well as a well balanced blend of oils.
 2)Any recipe with over 30-40% coconut oil is to drying for the skin.
 3)If you superfat a soap at 10% or over you will have to many free oils that will lead to DOS (dreaded orange spots).

    My soap fits squarely into this BTR soap as I uses a 100% coconut oil soap, and here is the recipe:

     I used Wholesale Supplies Plus' yuzu fragrance at .5oz per pound of oil, just like as if I made it with out the 2 pounds of salt. I made it in my Bramble Berry 9-bar slab mold since another aspect of 100% coconut soap is it gets rock hard in an hour. If you try to cut it to late it crumbles, and to late comes way to soon, so not needing to cut is a perk. I unmolded it after 2 of three hours and when I went to bevel the edges crumbled, so the bars were to hard even to bevel.

    I just tested these bars out and its bubbles are rich and creamy, the bar is rock hard, like diamond hard, and it is mildly exfoliating but my sister thinks it is a bit rough so depends on what you like. I will make a side note because of the salt this stuff burns fresh shaves legs, I exfoliate after I shave so I rubbed this on my leg and oh my god it burned! I should have known better though because when I was little I cut my self and being the youngest I fell for my sister telling me salt helps stop the pain....

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!


  1. It's beautiful Anna Rose, love the colours and how it sparkles. Salt bars always seem like magic to me since it seems to me that the salt itself would be drying, but then everyone who makes it says it lathers beautifully.

    Now that you're older, you know to take any advice from your sister with a grain of salt, right? ;)

    1. Thanks! and now that I'm older the roles have reversed a bit ;)

  2. Pretty salt bars, Anna! I like the green mica swirls on top. I really like salt bars, too. I use my slab mold with dividers as well so I don't have to worry about cutting the bars. Great job!


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