Monday, November 3, 2014

S.O.A.P Panel Results part II

 Hi again! Today will be the second half of the S.O.A.P panel results. I used the same set up for this as I dies with the last group, the post is here (and the initial S.O.A.P post here).

Mystery Fragrance #5
Trace speed- slow to average tracing speed
Color of Bar- a light beige
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of oil.
Summery- Its a very nice manly scent. It reminds me of the forest floor, it has a mix of green notes with maybe some some musky notes. I also think it may have a touch of damp dirt notes.

Mystery Fragrance #6
Trace speed- Average trace speed.
Color of Bar- light brown, maybe one or two shades darker then mystery fragrance #5
Post Soaping Scent Fade-stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of soap.
Summery- Also a very manly scent, similar to mystery fragrance #5. It is a bit sweeter than #5 tho, and it has more spicy notes. 

Mystery Fragrance #7
Trace speed-Average trace speed. it may have gotten a little ricey towards the end.
Color of Bar- off white, with a tinge of yellow
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed strong at 1/5 oz per pound of soap.
Summery- This is a very sweet fragrance. A sweet fruit type scene, not a sweet vanilla type scent. It reminds me kind of a strawberry baby bottle pop, but with a bit of added tartness maybe.

Mystery Fragrance #8
Trace speed- slow trace speed
Color of Bar-a light ivory
Post Soaping Scent Fade- stayed very well at 1/2 oz per pound of soap
Summery- Grapefruit. I am 98% sure it is grapefruit is is AH-MA-ZING. It is tart yet sweet and is it possible for a soap to smell juicy -cause this soap does! it is lake sticking your nose in a ripe grapefruit! (now that I say all of this the scent will be something totally different than grapefruit...)

Final rating for second half
1.   Mystery fragrance #8
2.   Mystery fragrance #7
3.   Mystery fragrance #6
4.   Mystery fragrance #5

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!


  1. Those all sound like nice scents. It seems from your notes that they behave pretty well, too. Scent #5 sounds wonderful - I love masculine scents!

    1. It is! I wish I could share all the smells on my blog, like smell-ovision!


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