Sunday, November 2, 2014

S.O.A.P panel results part I

       Hey y'all! I just realized i haven't blogged in over a month (Yikes!).  If you have followed my blog long enough you know I was homeschooled for migraines for a year and a half and this is my first year back at a "normal" school. We started late August and it has been a bumpy ride. I have been at school but I also have stayed home with awful migraines at least once a week, but averaging 2 days missing. So as a result I have spent every waking hour doing home work, in bed sleeping off a headache, and/or making up missed school work. Long story short I am so sorry I haven't blogged in a while, and I missed y'all so much! On to what you all are here for, my test results for the SOAP panel scents! (HERE is my first impression post)
      I will start us off with the recipe I used for each test, all the variables are identical except for the fragrance oil and the mica swirl on top (which corresponds to the fragrance use).

     All the bars are gelled but the little pumpkins are not gelled, Sadly not all of my tests got a pumpkin (don't ask what happened to them, even I am not sure where the went) also all the batches had .5 oz of the sample fragrance added into it, with nothing else but lye, water and oils.
  Mystery Fragrance #1

Trace Speed- Slow to average, very easy to work with.

Color of Bar- Tan to light brown.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- It is a defiantly a sweet, vanilla, bakery type scent. In the soap it developed more and into a snickerdoodle-y scent.

Mystery Fragrance #2

Trace Speed- Average, easy to work with.

Color of Bar- a light beige

Post Soaping Scent Fading- Stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- It still rings Christmas forest to me. Not as christmas tree like as it was out of the bottle but just a nice pine forest, maybe with a touch of sugar.


Mystery Fragrance #3

Trace Speed- Average, again easy to work with.

Color of Bar-  a very, very light yellow.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- I still think is ylang ylang, it has lost some of its herbal-iness and the floral notes are more upfront.

Mystery Fragrance #4

Trace Speed- Slow to average, very easy to work with.

Color of Bar- tan to light brown,just a tinge darker than mystery fragrance #1.

Post Soaping Scent Fading- stayed strong at 1/2 oz per pound of soap.

Summery- This is a very sweet, fruity type fragrance. It has mellowed out in to a b=much more pleasant scent than it was out of the bottle. I would guess it is a cherry candy inspired fragrance.

Final rating for the first four fragrances

1.   Mystery Fragrance #2
2.   Mystery Fragrance #3
3.   Mystery Fragrance #1
4.   Mystery Fragrance #4

     Tomorrow I will post the second set of data and the final ratings. Can you I really am trying to make up for my absence? Three posts in two days and hopefully a post at least once a week from here on out as long as I'm not making up 50 different assignments! Then coming this week the Soap Queen blog should have a post combining pertaining to the SOAP panel! 

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!


  1. Sounds like you've got a lot going on lately! I hope the transition back to school is going well. So sorry to hear about the migraines - they must make things difficult. It looks like your testing is going well, though. I think #2 and #3 sound like they would be my top two favorite scents from this group, too.

    1. Thank you! 2 and 3 were defiantly in my total top 4,but I liked pretty much all of them though!


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