Saturday, September 13, 2014

S.O.A.P Fragrances First Impressions

     This morning to my surprise I got my S.O.A.P Panel mystery fragrances in today! It was wrapped in yellow tissue paper with the S.O.A.P logo. The package was completed with a Soap Queen notepad that excited me a little to much. For my first installment of my SOAP series I am just giving y'all my first impression and my which are my favorite by ranking them from 1-8 1 being my favorite and 8 being my least favorite. I will try to feature a post on each scent as they are made and a cumulative post at the end with all my findings. Sadly I have to wait for my lye and oils to come in before I start but as soon as they are here I will start soaping! 

  • Mystery Fragrance #1- It is a very sweet bakery type scent, I get a hint of vanilla. Maybe its a vanilla cake type scent? Ranking-8
  • Mystery Fragrance #2- Christmas. That was the first thing I thought when I opened it. This smells like a christmas tree yard it is one of my favorite FOs of this batch. Ranking-2
  • Mystery Fragrance #3-This is a fairly heavy floral I am thinking ylang ylang with some other underlying floral/herbal notes. Ranking-3
  • Mystery Fragrance #4- It smells like a tart candy. I think it smells like chewy sweetarts or maybe a cherry or strawberry laffy taffies. Ranking-6
  • Mystery Fragrance #5- It smell reminiscent of a forest floor. It has some green musky and maybe some earthy spices. To finish it off it may have some dewy, moist soil. Ranking-5
  • Mystery Fragrance #6- Very manly. It is similar to #5, but less sweet (even though 5 wasn't sweet). The main note is SO familiar but I cannot place it! Maybe it is similar to tobacco and bay leaf, but what ever it is I like it. Ranking-4
  • Mystery Fragrance #7- This also has a candy type smell to it. It reminds me of a strawberry baby bottle pop, remember those things?  it has been ages since I had one but this scent just made me think of them. Ranking-7
  • Mystery Fragrance #8- My favorite scent! I am 90% sure it is grapefruit an its amazing 'nuff said. Ranking-1
Thanks for stopping by and look out for my testing, it should start this coming week!


  1. All those scents sound fabulous! Can't wait to see how you use them.

    1. Thanks! I am just about to make another batch and am having so much fun!

  2. Sounds like those are some fantastic fragrances! Looking forward to see how your testing goes.

  3. Thanks! I just finished making soap #1 today!


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