Tuesday, September 23, 2014

S.O.A.P Mystery Fragrance No. 1

   Hi guys! I finally made my first test batch a few days ago and now that has discolored some I thought I should share my results y'all. By no means has the soap reached its final color, I will do another post when I am done with all the scent and they have cured, Any way now on to the fun part! I will be testing all the fragrances the same way, short, sweet and to the point. Today I am doing mystery fragrance #1 and to refresh your memory here were my initial thoughts "It is a very sweet bakery type scent, I get a hint of vanilla. Maybe its a vanilla cake type scent?"

The color of the fragrance oil is, as you can see, a light golden color. I originally assumed it would change the batter color yellow. I used it it at .5 onces per pound of soap, and you will see how it turned out in a second.

     For all the test batches I am using the same recipe. To make the process go faster I am using Bramble Berry's basic quick mix oils. I am doing a simple one pound batch (I think I will put the recipe in my final round up post). This fragrance soaped wonderfully! It did not speed up but it did turn the soap a nice pink!

the soaps color in the pot

    I put most of the soap into my one pound silicone loaf mold and did a color coordinated mica-oil swirl (Black= mystery fragrance #1) and wrapped it up to gel. The last little bit I put into a seasonal pumpkin mold and set it aside to see how the fragrance acted in non-gelled soaps.

In the mold right after pour

     Two days after the cutting and I am now ready to judge the scent and share with you what I think of the scent now that is is in the soap! I still get the sweetness and a now thinking it is a butter cream frosting type scent, with maybe an under note of a really light spice? *update* I now am thinking it is snicker doodle! Like all the scents it smells so familiar it is just so hard to figure out what it reminds you of, I just thought of another thing it could be, a cake maybe? I don't know but I like it more now that it is soaped but still it is a food/bakery scent (the one thing I am 100% sure it is) and they aren't my favorite scent family so it still isn't my favorite.  Soaping wise and for other people I am sure It is great!

bars are gelled pumpkin is not gelled

     These are only three days out so I am sure they will discolor more but I will keep you updated, probably after they are all cured and I round them up!

Thanks for stopping by happy soaping!


  1. How neat that the soap turned pink and then brown! I had a Hot Cocoa FO do that. Great idea using mica to mark the scents and testing gelled v.s. ungelled. Sounds like a nice fragrance. Looking forward to seeing how the rest of your testing goes!

  2. What a cute idea using the mica to number your scents! I love how it started off pink and then changed to a more vanilla colour. It is a perfect colour if you want to do a bakery theme.


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