Friday, September 5, 2014

Wine Soap- Spring Soap Crafting Club Part III

     Hey y'all! Sorry I haven't Posted in a while but I just finished my second week of school and to say it has been a big adjustment would be an understatement. And yes I am very behind with the soap crafting club, I already have two unmade summer SCC in my soaping room but I just signed up for new designs not for the private message board thing.

     The last installment of the Soap Crafting Club was a wine twist soap. It was scented with wine berry fragrance which was a bit sweet for me and sped up a little bit but besides the it all went according to plan. I used some old, past its prime red wine made by my grandfather (love him but the wine is usually not good... at all) so no fine wine was killed in the process. Before mixing the lye with  the wine I boiled it down then froze it in a plastic bag and then crushed it up into manageable chunks.

    The design itself was pretty basic, in the vertical loaf mold (with divider in) I poured the red on one side and white, well more of a beige, on the other side. Then before I took the divider out I twirled it 180 ̊ and pulled it out. My only issue was my batter got thick a bit to fast so the swirl wasn't as crisp as I wanted.

     As you can see I got glycerin rivers all though out and the circles aren't centered but besides that I like the results and will try this technique again!

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!!

...and happy birthday to my little Bee, who has had more than her share of experiences in her first year


  1. Your soaps look great! I think the glycerin rivers look cool. I made a wine soap a few months ago and I really enjoyed it. I love the vertical mold, too! It's so versatile and fun.

    1. Thanks! I do love the vertical mold there are so many cool ways to use it.

  2. Happy back to school! Your wine soaps look really pretty, love the colour and it sounds like you put your grandfather's wine to good use. :)

    Your dog's adorable, happy birthday to her!

    1. Thanks! and she is the cutest sweetest dog ever born!


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