Monday, April 14, 2014

Lavender Crazy

     They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, but lavender is a close second! Lavender is on of my favorite things, I love the flower, the flavor (lavender lemon goat cheese *yum*), and of course the smell! It is a fresh, green, herbal, and floral, year round scent plus it comes as an all natural essential oil. There for it is only natural to put it into all different kinds of products.

    I finally made some lavender EO cold process soap which I haven't done in forever (since my first ever batch!). Knowing lavender goes fairly slow I wanted to do a fun design. I ended up going for layers with a picture of a lavender plant made with squeeze bottles... It did not go well the stems are to thick, the buds awkward looking. So out of 9 bars I have one pretty one but thats how it goes, not every batch goes perfectly.

A few notes on the soap-
-.75 oz ppo of Lavender 40/42
colors used were....  

1. violet mica (both  flower buds and first layer of base)
2. golden jade mica (green portion of base)
3. shimmering sea foam mica (stems)

     Some key benefits of lavender essential oil (according to aromatherapy) include its relaxing and calming abilities. When I come home from a long day I get in my tub with a lavender bath bomb to take advantage of it relaxing effect, plus it also helps relieve some headaches that come from the fore mentioned crazy day!

A few notes on the bath bombs-
-5mL of Lavender 40/42 for 1lb of mix
-mixed into the base are calendula petals and lavender buds
-It is colored with lilac La Bomb (from Bramble Berry)

     Finally since both of these don't let the scent stick very well I make a lavender whipped body butter! Soon I will try to make lotion but preservitives and microbes scare me :O.  I use my whipped body butter every night on my hands, legs, and feet (feet followed by socks to keep all the moisture in).

     A few notes on body butter-
- colored with violet mica
-scented with 10 mL of lavender 40/42 for 22oz of base
- label made by me on word, stuck on with clear packing tape (it's water proof ;) )

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!
PS visit my youtube channel for a mica haul!


  1. Your soap is very creative Anna Rose! I would imagine it's hard to create a design like that with CP soaps so you did a great job.

    All your projects look great, the bath bombs are beautiful and must smell amazing and oh my goodness, whipped body butter, heaven!

    1. Thank you! and you are right about the whipped body butter it is the best! we go through it so fast in my house

  2. Ohhhh lavender is my all-time fav too! Your lavender soap, bombs and whipped body butter look amazing!


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