Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Spring Soap Crafting Club Part II∼ Coffee Ground Soap

     This month's (well May's) soap was the coffee ground soap scented with Turkish Mocha. I have been meaning to make a coffee soap ever since I started making soap but, I had never gotten around to it until now.  I replace five ounces of water with a strong brewed coffee and soaped the rest as normal.

     First thing is this soap has NO COLORANT!  that blackness is from the fragrance and the light brown is from a lesser concentration of the turkish mocha then the black half. I will say I do not like this scent at all it has some of that fake chocolate notes to it, but it looks like I was in the minority. I wish they gave us their new ecpresso scent, but it is not in the book but what are you going to do?

     This soap was super simple, to one half we added a touch of the FO and one Tbs of used coffee ground and to the other half was the rest of the FO. I swirled the divider but ended swirling it to the same position and the with a long skewer I did a few passes across the bar which gives it a similar look to a hanger swirl if you went across the bar(in a typical loaf mold), not up  and down like my last post.

*****Added 7/27/14

Thanks for stopping by and happy soaping!

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  1. I really like the look of your coffee soaps Anna! Very unique looking and the subtle colour differences are really nice together.


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